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How does laser work?

At The Laser Lounge, we use a Diode Laser which is the safest and most efficient type of laser for ALL skin types. 

The light from the laser converts into heat which suppresses the hair follicle. Once the hair follicle is destroyed it is no longer able to produce hair. Laser hair removal is only successful in the hairs which are in the 'Anagen' stage, this is because they are still attached to the blood supply which is keeping them growing. There is no way of telling which hairs are in which stage on the treatment area which is why a course of treatments is recommended 4-8 weeks apart to ensure we have treated as many hairs as possible as they transition through these stages. The period between sessions is determined by body part, and also by communicating with you to find out your current pattern regarding the speed and texture of your hair growth.

We cater your treatment specifically for you by following whats known as the Fitzpatrick Scale. This scale demonstrates all skin types 1-6 and their characteristics. By using this scale, we are able to generate the settings on the machine to ensure each laser hair removal journey is as safe and effective as possible for each individual. We log these settings after every session which allows us to pick up where we left off, whilst maintaining safe and comfortable practice.

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We accept PayPal's 'PAY IN 3' at checkout to split your payments into three equal instalments.

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