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Laser hair removal is the most superior method of hair removal for unwanted and troublesome hairs. Our diode laser uses direct beams of light to target the hair follicles, resulting in long-lasting hair reduction. 

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Comfort and safety

Our medical grade Diode laser comes with a crystal freeze tip ensuring treatments are felt comfortably whilst still providing excellent results.

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We are

Trained by Harley Street Laser Specialists and fully insured.

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Ideal candidate

Laser hair removal works best on clients with dark hairs. Once the laser has found the pigment in the hair, the light converts to heat which destroys the follicle resulting in no more regrowth.

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Minimum down time

Instant side effects of treatment - if any, will usually clear by the time you leave the clinic.


Are you fed up with uncomfortable shaving only to feel stubble a few hours later? Or maybe years of waxing has left you with sore ingrown hairs? We have the solution!

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